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We have developed several customized mobile applications ranging from PC to mobile phones which provide extensive features like calling facilities from PC to Mobile, PC to PC, PC to Landline, Mobile to Mobile and Mobile to Landline. We have also leveraged Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology to provide state-of-the-art call transfer and free call facility from PC to PC.

Significant technology breakthroughs in Mobile and Wireless technology have resulted in tremendous rise for high-end Mobile and Wireless products. The global digital revolution in mobile and wireless technology has encouraged advanced features like touch screen, WIFI, GPS, social networking, video streaming and much more.

Privacy 90%
Cost of Technology 94%
Adaptation of new technology 90%

Industry Challenges

With deep domain knowledge, technical competency and mature processes along with global delivery model, we have successfully delivered end-to-end solutions and services to a host of clients across the globe. The innovative operating systems like Open Source and Android gained significant popularity in recent times and manufacturers are leveraging disruptive technologies to capture market share. Our Mobile and Wireless practice comprises of highly skilled engineers.

Current Trends

Considering the vast scope of cyber crime, security may be the ultimate growth industry. The annual global cost of attacks is expected to hit $6 trillion by 2021 — doubling in just six years.

To counter these threats, companies in every industry, along with many government agencies, could spend $1 trillion through 2021, providing growing revenue for companies that specialize in cyber protection.

Cloud software could represent almost half of all spending on applications by 2021 as tech users migrate to remote servers.3 meanwhile, most people now connect to the cloud wirelessly through their smartphones and tablets.

It is a trend that closely links cloud and mobile technologies. As more organizations seek cloud solutions to reduce their as it workloads, opportunities for cloud-focused tech services companies are likely to expand.

To bridge a growing skills gap, technology services companies are investing in workforce training and recruitment.

Indeed, the question of where workers are located may now be less important than simply finding sufficient numbers of those with the necessary skills to meet rising demand at a time of growing labor shortages in most US Industries.

Industries We Serve

We serve multiple industries globally. Our domain expertise is backed by our
phenomenal experience of successfully conceptualizing and delivering 160+ projects.