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We are a group of product strategists and designers Who are committed in creating highly relevant and well designed products!

Mayank Sharma

Mayank is 8+ years experienced and responsible for steering business towards new technologies, formulating robust technology-centric business strategies, and leveraging technical innovations to address complex challenges.He has held variety of senior leadership roles in both, technology and management and has served global markets.

He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, as well as SMBs and start-up and has been endorsed for bringing to the table discrete solutions.He has worked with large corporations, as well as SME’s and start-up and has been endorsed for bringing to the table discrete solutions for our valuable clients.

Pramod Sharma

Leading us towards great achievements with his extensive industry experience to work on cutting-edge technologies, Promod is another cornerstone for the company. At Alcyone, as a founding member, Pramod is responsible for business analysis, sales and business development, and strategic client relationships. He is responsible for new revenue generation along with focus on delivering profitable business.

He held leadership role in recognized Fortune 500 companies prior becoming an entrepreneur, his knowledge of working with many product companies gives the boost. He efficiently led us to design and deliver customized product based on customer requirements and handle customer engagements.

Tushar Patidar
VP of Sales

One of the driving forces behind Alcyone– our international clients communicate with him and find him very soft-spoken and professional individual. With over 8 years of business and technology management experience, he recognized the potential of combining technology, design and internet strategy and is the cornerstone of company.

He is primarily focused on new markets, business development, human resources development and future road-map. He delights our valuable clients and comes up with some of the finest strategies to take the company to new heights and maintain continuous contact with the clients during the projects.

Chetan Joshi
Product Designer

Chetan is 8+ years experienced who expertly converts feature to benefits to achieve client objectives. He is highly creative and multi-talented Interface designer with extensive experience in digital, marketing and print design. He brings exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills; dynamic team player with well-developed creative skills.

Successfully manage and coordinate graphic design projects from concept through completion. Work closely with clients to create a vision, conceive designs, and consistently meet deadlines and requirements. Effectively build, motivate, and direct design and production teams to lead them to achieve success in every project.

Darin Johnson
US Operations Head

Darin Johnson, the US Operations head brings to the table an extensive experience of more than two decades in the IT business. He knows the USA IT hail work inside out and his in-depth knowledge and extensive experience enables him to present detailed understanding about the Software Services and Products.

With Software he has been in the contracting business since the 90's. He has traveled as a storm chaser all around the USA contracting hail work.  In 2016 he sold his contracting company and started his supplement business.  With the knowledge of most codes, he is well known for making great estimates that contractors can present  to the insurance company or insured and have an easier time presenting their case.

Darin-US Operations Head
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