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Club Planner

Fitness industry is booming, and there is no two ways about it. If you own a fitness club, you need to streamline your business operations by implementing the right solutions that work. Moreover, data and analytics are becoming an integral part of business, maintaining data of customers and keeping records is more and more important. Club planner is a perfect fit to address all your needs.

When you will have easy access to data, you can easily enhance the quality of your marketing campaigns; attract new customers while retaining the existing ones. Club planner enables you to connect with customers with the help of various tools including SMS, emails, reservation platform and dedicated application.


Manage your entrances, Subscriptions, turn-cards. Plan your group lessons. Arrange your sales, direct debits and invoicing.


Check in your customers, plan their arrangements, book your sales, direct debits and invoicing.


Create your customers online, plan your appointments and book your sales.

Our Modules

Club Planner runs on all platforms, in the cloud or with a local database. You can choose
between applications, an online platform, apps and IOT devices.

Club Planner App

Complete application that is linked with E-ID, SMS, SEPA, CODA, barcode, RFID, finger scan, technogym ...


Online Platform. Customers can book, see their details. Staff can create customers, look up data, draw reports.

Bar Tender

A full-featured POS module for your BAR can be linked with a touchscreen, scanners, cash register and ticket printer. Only available under Windows.


Internet-Of-Things devices that control all your accesses can continue to work without the internet and will synchronize the attendance with the cloud afterwards.


Let your customers reserve their lessons or PTs with their badge.


Your own APP for your business? Yes, that's possible. Is customized to size. True native IOS and native Android apps.

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