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Data, information and knowledge management are key activities in today’s gamut of technological innovation. An optimal handling of information asset is very critical in the financial field, a conceptually rich domain where information is complex, huge in volume and a highly valuable business product by itself. Alcyone offers financial services that are a unique provider of financial solutions to the business-to-business market.

Our financial services professionals have broad understanding of the industry and the technologies required to give enterprises the competitive edge. We help financial service providers to gain efficient, innovative and effective financial solutions that mitigate risk, comply with regulations and open new earning opportunities for you and your customers. We also focus over smooth conversion and migration of modern platforms on data, logic and other core processes of your business.

Privacy 90%
Cost of Financial Services 85%
Adaptation of new technology 90%

Industry Challenges

Our finance services outlines risk and compliance solutions, equity, asset and wealth management system, corporate finance solutions and business advisory or consulting services. We combine our industry knowledge with our financing expertise to provide integrated, innovative and reliable financing solutions backed by the financial stability and our resources.

Industry Trends

When was the last time you set foot in an actual bank? In today’s digital banking environment, most of us are also able to deposit checks—transfer funds—apply for loans!—all from our mobile devices.

Mobile banking is truly an environment where he with the easiest app wins. The change means that today’s banks are looking at their brick-and-mortar locations not as places of business, but—in many cases—pure overhead. Today’s customers don’t want a pretty building.

The past few times a store (without my wallet) hoping to pay with mobile pay, There has been disappointment. Many stores in the United States specifically still aren’t set up to accept mobile payments, but anticipate that changing drastically this year.

You can believe 2019 will be the year that mobile pay becomes a “normal” part of retail—especially if brick-and-mortar retailers want to remain relevant in today’s mostly paperless marketplace.

There seems to be a trend here—everything in financial services and banking is going mobile. But that also includes third-party financial service providers who are now competing with banks in the financial space.

This could be unconventional lenders, financial managers, or simple financial budgeting apps. As we move into 2019, banks themselves will need to consider how they integrate with these third-party services.

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We serve multiple industries globally. Our domain expertise is backed by our
phenomenal experience of successfully conceptualizing and delivering 160+ projects.